"No because nobody gives a walking, swimming, breathing, dying, running, flipping, cartwheeling, or flying fuck about you, Taylor" Edit

Biography Edit

Violet Nightfall (born October 30, 1991) is the daughter of Daryl Nightfall and Peggy Saucer. She is the eldest child of her parents before her brother Blood Nightfall. She had a childhood crush on Jet Smith.

Season 1 Edit

Violet is first seen fighting with her mom, Peggy. When her brother, Blood Nightfall tells her that Jet Smith will be staying with them, she is excited since she still has a crush on him. She messes with Blood and Jet most of their time staying at the house.

Personality Edit

Violet is mischievous and witty. She is usually seen getting along with outcasts more than the popular kids. She is also very confident, not easily intimidated by anyone. She doesn't get along with her parents because she does not respect authority. She is not a very emotional person, she is more focused on having a good time. Underneath her rebel exterior, she is shown to still be hurt of her father leaving her at such a young age.

Appearance Edit

Violet's appearance changes throughout the show. In the beginning, she has multi-colored hair which changes colors, from black, red, and green. She is very tall and skinny, like her brother, but arguably skinnier since she does a handle of heavy drugs.