Biography Edit

Travis Olsen (born June 27, 1992) is the son of Mark and Silvia Olsen. He is the eldest son of his parents before his younger sister Amy Olsen. His best friend since childhood is Toxic Waste.

Season 2 Edit

Travis Olsen is first seen flying to the Hot List Awards with his best friend, Toxic Waste. He meets Blood Nightfall and Jet Smith during the flight when Blood and Toxic begin to argue. While Toxic hates both Blood and Jet, Travis harbors no hatred for Blood and Jet.

Personality Edit

Travis is considered very agreeable and reserved. Most everyone sees Travis as their friend because of his kind nature to most everyone. He is described as "a chill guy".

Appearance Edit

Travis is tall and skinny, with white hair and light gray eyes. He does not dye his hair, contrary to popular belief.