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Biography Edit

Peter "H20" Thomas Evans (born June 1, 1992) is the son of the deceased Thomas and Lily Evans. He is the eldest son of his parents before his sister Jesse Stark. He is the ex-boyfriend of Miranda Johnson.

Background Edit

H20 was born with the name Peter Thomas Evans and the son of Thomas and Lily Evans. His parents were murdered by Emerald Blackwood, an evil shapeshifter working with Daryl Nightfall. While running away from Emerald, he meets Rob McKee, a werewolf doctor working with Daryl Nightfall. Rob takes pity for the young boy and decides to secretly take care of him. They form a close bond and he lets Rob experiment on him, turning him into a vampire. Soon, Rob knowing that Daryl will find them, takes away his memories of him so that he can be safe from danger.

Season 1 Edit

H20 is first seen breaking into Blood Nightfall's car, trying to drink his blood since he is a vampire. He is encountered again as the new boyfriend of Miranda Johnson after Blood and Miranda's breakup. He is hated the most by Jet Smith for his boring attitude.

Personality Edit

H20 is described as extremely reserved and emotionless. He is also seen exhibiting strange behaviors such as not sleeping or eating. He is said to be very depressed, never wanting to leave the house. He also is extremely intelligent and is shown to love reading books. While he is very introverted and cold to others, he is shown to be funny and less guarded with Miranda.

Appearance Edit

H20 is very tall and skinny with disheveled electric blue hair. He is considered extremely attractive to everyone he meets and very intimidating. He is seen wearing all black except blue and black checkered slip-on Vans.