Biography Edit

Tweetybird Johnson (January 12, 1993) is the daughter of Bill and Marcella Johnson. She is their second child after her older sister, Miranda Johnson. She is the obsessive stalker of Blood Nightfall.

Season 1 Edit

Tweetybird Johnson is first seen as a mysterious person who stalks Blood Nightfall. She is discovered to be his stalker when she confesses her love to Blood.

Season 2 Edit

Tweetybird moves in with Blood Nightfall and Jet Smith against their will. She threatens that if they call the police, she will expose Jet's crimes. Jet believes they can get rid of her themselves and so they let her stay.

Personality Edit

Tweetybird is described as bubbly and enthusiastic. She is seen as an optimist and believes she will win Blood's love one day. She is considered very smart and clever, although her large IQ is somewhat hidden due to her naive nature. She is also very confident and ambitious, not afraid to go towards her goals.

Appearance Edit

Like her sister, Miranda Johnson, she is considered beautiful. She likes to wear makeup and is usually shown wearing a pink tank top with a pink pleated skirt. She also wears her hair in two pigtails most of the time.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Myers Briggs is ENTJ
  • Tweetybird is a Capricorn
  • She was born at 3:19 am