Biography Edit

Jarren Patterson (born August 29, 1992) is the son of Charlie and Marai Patterson. He is the eldest son of his parents before his sister Olivia Patterson. He is the childhood crush of Miranda Johnson. He also used to be the arch nemesis of Blood Nightfall, but was oblivious of Blood's hatred for him, thinking they were always friends.

Season 1 Edit

Jarren is first seen as the manager of McDonald's and Blood Nightfall's boss. He would occasionally go up to Blood and ask him how he was doing and receive sarcastic answers. Jarren did not understand the sarcasm, thinking that he was genuinely friends with Blood. During this time, Jarren was dating Stacy Moore, Blood's future girlfriend and later wife, but it didn't last long.

Jarren is seen with his rich parents and their lavish lifestyle. His house and furniture is all white which is his favorite color next to red, the color of Blood's hair. He has a complicated relationship with his sister Olivia, who sometimes resents him for being the "golden child" but is otherwise very close and protective of him. Jarren is close to his parents and hates seeing Blood and his parents have such a strained relationship.

He comes from a long line of angels in the family. They are one of the most prestige families in the Heavens that watch over Earth. This is why Jarren is seen caring so much for Blood and theoretically could be Blood's guardian angel. He once got into trouble in the Heavens for spending too much time with Underworld creatures, which caused his hair to go pink. Blood, having a soft spot for Jarren, went to the Heavens and escaped with him which did not help Jarren's case. Although after proving that he was trying to be a good influence on Blood, his hair changed back to blonde and was granted his white light powers back.

Jarren has a strained and competitive relationship with Jet for Blood's approval. Jarren does not hate Jet like Jet hates him but questions his influence on Blood. He sees Jet as a bad influence and the reason bad things keep happening to Blood.

Season 2 Edit

Blood sees Jarren meeting Audrey and dating in Blood's dream arc. After the dream arc, it seems that Jarren and Audrey met later and began dating, eventually getting married.