Biography Edit

Derek "Blood" Andrew Nightfall (born October 31, 1992) is the son of Daryl Nightfall and Margaret Saucer. He is the second and last child of his parents after his sister Violet Nightfall. He is the best friend of Jet Smith. Blood is a demon with fire power. He is considered the strongest Underworld creature due to his genes and the amount of experiments he underwent through as a child.

Season 1 Edit

Blood is first seen with Miranda and Nick, practicing guitar in his mom's garage. Blood is shown in the beginning to have always had a childhood crush on his best friend, Miranda Johnson, unbeknownst to her. He has a dead end job at McDonald's which he despises. One day, his long lost best friend, Jet Smith arrives in the drive-thru, asking for a place to crash. Much to his mother's dismay, Blood allows Jet to stay with them.

Wanting to move on from his affections of Miranda, begins dating Raven, who cheats and breaks up with him. Miranda and Blood begin dating after the two confess their feelings to each other. Miranda's mom then bans them from dating each other which causes them to break up. Depressed, Blood allows Jet to throw a party to meet other girls. The party ends in disaster and Blood's mother kicks Jet out of the house. Blood, not wanting to abandon Jet, decides to move out with him and get an apartment.

Personality Edit

At age eighteen, Blood is considered an "emo" kid by his peers. Underneath his dark exterior, it is shown that Blood is sassy but good-hearted. He is rarely narcissistic and actually despises the amount of attention he receives, just wanting to be left alone. Blood is also considered highly intelligent as well as practical. Although, his intense emotions for the people he cares about fog his judgement at times. He has a soft spot for cats and his friends but hates everyone else. As he becomes older, he is shown to become more intimidating and not as spineless.

Appearance Edit

Blood Nightfall has dyed bright red hair with dark eyebrows. His natural hair color is platinum blond, like his parents, which he hates. He is very tall and skinny to the point where he is considered extremely underweight. When he was a teenager, most of his closet was from Hot Topic and consisted of super skinny jeans. Blood is also considered incredibly handsome. A national poll called the Hot List was created just to rank him number one of the hottest guys in the world.

Trivia Edit

  • His Myers Briggs is ISFJ
  • Blood is a Scorpio
  • He was born at 8:00 am
  • He was born in the year of the Monkey according to Chinese Astrology
  • His favorite foods are Salmon and Cherry Pie
  • His favorite drink is Coke
  • He has a fear of the ocean and dark corridors
  • He hates bugs, peanut butter, and Tweetybird Johnson