Biography Edit

Toxic Waste (born March 16, 1992) is the son of Patrick and Patricia Waste. He is an only child. His best friend since childhood is Travis Olsen. Blood Nightfall used to be his childhood arch nemesis.

Season 2 Edit

Toxic Waste is first seen flying to the Hot List awards with his best friend, Travis Olsen. When he first encounters Blood Nightfall and Jet Smith, he is irritated at Jet's miniature bombs that are aimed at the back of his seat. This causes Toxic and Blood to get into an argument and Toxic proclaims Blood as his arch nemesis.

Personality Edit

Toxic is described as very defensive due to how sensitive he is to criticism. He has anger issues and is shown to be very insecure of his feelings. Underneath his angry persona, he is actually nice and patient to others feelings but does not show this side to everyone, only close friends. He is also shown to like to be silly and make jokes with his friends.

Appearance Edit

Toxic has bright green hair with blue-green eyes. He is as tall and skinny as Blood but still makes fun of Blood's weight. He is noticeably very attractive but some say his personality ruins his face.